A unique recording studio and production facility dedicated to giving every project its own great sound - affordably, and with the best people and gear to make it possible. We work with all genres to arrange, track, edit, mix, and master your music.


Control room

The control room is centered around a 32 input Pro Tools HDX system and a few racks of outboard gear.

Acoustics in the control room were designed, built, and tuned by Ahl, Incorporated.

In addition to the 2.1 Focal Twin 6 Be system, the room is also outfitted with a 5.1 ADAM A7 system.


live room

Our 450 sq. ft. live room features a 12.5 foot vaulted ceiling and acoustic treatment from Ahl, Incorporated.

In addition, we have two large modular gobos (one absorptive side, one QR diffuser side), eight smaller gobos, and two motor-controlled acoustic clouds that allow us to tune the room to suit any need


isolation-vocal booth

The Isolation/Vocal Booth is 10' x 7' with a vaulted 11' ceiling. The Iso Booth has a panoramic view of the entire live room for easy visual communication between rooms.